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All the products you see are designed, produced and painted in house (BC Canada).

The plastic used to make all the figures is called PLA which is made from corn starch/sugars (Non-toxic). It is sourced & produced from Ontario, Canada.

My shipping supplies and how I bag/wrap the models are all with compostable paper-based materials. You can put them in compost or paper recycling after!

For my Etsy customers - This site will be generally cheaper because I don't get hidden fees charged; So I'm able to charge roughly 5-10% less.  Etsy also forces sellers to make free shipping but add the shipping costs into all the items prices. 

I do shipping only at checkout, so you only pay shipping once if you get multiple items.  I'm not able to advertise this on Etsy as it goes against their seller policies though.  In the end its always your decision!