Dungeons & Dragons Coins

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The variety packs contents:

10 Pack - 3 Copper, 3 Silver, 3 Gold, 1 Platinum
20 Pack - 6 Copper, 6 Silver, 6 Gold, 2 Platinum
40 Pack - 15 Copper, 10 Silver, 10 Gold, 5 Platinum

* These coins are made from eco-friendly (Plant Sugars) non-toxic plastic!
* These are NOT double-sided, I try to be very honest in my photos. The printers are unable to do two-sided coins very well.
* Super light weight, a result of the type of plastic I use.
* Grime is hand painted on, its not actual grime don't worry! I wanted to give them a bit of a 'used' look

I do custom bulk orders! You can send me a email (sinqnew@gmail.com) and I can let you know about bulk prices and maybe the quantities your looking for (Or if you want them without grime, that cuts down the time and cost it takes me to make them).