Tree Bundles

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These are small miniature trees I've designed! I am trying my best to improve the designs over time since foliage is difficult to work with.

IMPORTANT - Some foliage clumps will come loose during shipping (Depending how nice the delivery people are). I put on a ample amount so its normal that some will come off during the shipping. I use a special glue (Hob-E-Tac) that makes the glue stay permanently sticky, so you can squish the foliage back onto the branches if a lot falls off.


Smaller Trees - 8cm Tall // 3 cm Wide
Bigger Trees- 12 cm Tall // 5 cm Wide

If you have any questions, just send me a message or email ( The measurements above are rough, as the moss on the trees can change the size a bit.

I can also make larger versions of the trees as custom order if you need, however I can't make them smaller than my smallest ones shown above; they become too brittle.

Check out the rest of my store for other terrain-style pieces, I have a bunch of ideas in progress and hope to keep adding more in the future!