Dungeon Doors - Unpainted (8 Pieces)

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These are handy door props I designed for Dnd interior scenarios! I find while drawing walls is easy visually for players, it can be handy to have door props so they can easily visually understand where the doors are located.

I'm hoping to design some window pieces in the future to also be handy, since they are something visual to note to players too!

If these are popular I'll do more variations like wooden doors, or perhaps other themes.

These fit roughly in 1 and a half standard dnd tiles (Inch squares) I found that anything smaller or larger and the doors scale feel very off.

Included in this is 8 Unpainted grey doors.

Measurements -

Width - 1.6 Inch (4cm)
Height - 2.4 Inch (7cm)
Depth - 0.5 Inch (1cm)